Break down walls and put up Polyvision Privacy Glass. At the flick of a switch, Polyvision becomes transparent from a dormant and opaque-white state. Polyvision Glass provides creative design solutions for architects and other innovative users.

PolyvisionTM Film & Glass

PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Glass as a magic glass which can be visible or invisible by your controller. It suitable for using in conference rooms, hospitals (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms), shower enclosures, privacy clinical areas, exterior windows, optical shutters projection displays, residential areas, security windows, skylights, cosmetic counter displays, yacht, trains, vehicle windows, etc.

  • Privacy and security with architectural integrity.
  • Visual attention to interior and exterior design.
  • Beauty and function.
  • Rear projection screen and glass white board capable.

PolyblindTM Film & Glass

PolyBlindTM (Electronic curtain) is one of our latest technologies; a patented technology that divides switchable sections as a curtain or shutter, one section at a time in a single piece of film or glass without visible wires. It can be programmed to transition up or down, or you can program only one or two sections at a time to be “private” while others are clear.  

PolyBlind™ (Electronic curtain) can be installed in the office, study room, bathroom, show room, VIP room, etc. There are so much advantage that you can think such as cutting down on germs and allergens, decreasing the dust in your place, protecting your privacy, etc.

  • Design for indoors and outdoors.
  • Replace blinds and curtains with a dust-free easy-clean glass blind.
  • UV protection >99%.

PolyPatternTM Film & Glass

PolyPattern™ is inspiring from Polyvision™ that utilizing very similar technology, but customized with logos, designs, and more.  PolyPattern™ uses customized images to divide switchable sections as patterns, one section at a time in a piece of film or glass.
If you looking for the design for customized company logos, office widinow decoration or theme activities logo design, we are glad to offer the best and special product for you. 

  • Design for indoors and outdoors.
  • Let light in through a creative design.
  • Unique logo/image design.